Delectable Dee

Really, nothing.

Talked/chatted with Ate Therese yesterday and she said something about a picture of my lighter self (haha..I had to pause for a couple of seconds regurgitating the word "lighter" over and over again). So with noting good on show tonight and being bored, I remembered and thought, "Why not?"

So yeah, why ever not?

Being the only maniniyot in this family (really, I am starting to think that they call me uber vain behind my back...I shouldn't laugh haha but c'mon!), I can't even ask my sister to take a pic of me..she'd yawn and get bored while holding the cam and I always end up looking like a blurry fat ghost.

But really, this is also something I want to do so I'll be able to tell the difference myself once I reach my target weight.  Oh - la - lahh... I'm almost there!!!

*does a happy dance*

3/7/2009 08:39:07 am

Dee, you look fabulous and way smaller! Way to go! I'm so proud of you!!! Moreso, I'm happy how you're doing it... healthy way is the only way =)


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