Delectable Dee

I can have a thousand reasons listed down to the dot why I have every right to do what I have decided I needed to do. I could gauge you against the usual measure for friendship and you will be found terribly wanting.

For so long I have been haunted by the herculean questions,"why?" and "what ifs" and enough is enough. I am only grateful that love cannot be depleted. But perhaps, this is one of the rare moments why I am momentarily, whole-heartedly appreciative and dignified of my carnality.

This is one selfishness I will embrace without any guilt. I am celebrating this new-found sense of self. I am no a prisoner of the past.

I guess, to every measure of patience, there is a breaking point which prompts one to wake up and and say, "I deserve better than this." I know there is no such thing as freedom being free so at the expense of dying yesterdays, I am saying adios!

For the habitual line-stepper in you, I rejoice the unlacing of shackles. Long over due, too. Things may at the start look bleak but, hey! Life is what we make of it and I intend mine to be a stunner.

Watch and see how I am when I'm free!

Happiness is but a realization away.

*Picture not mine.

6/8/2008 01:02:26 pm

wow dee i am inspired!
"Watch and see how I am when I'm free!" this is what i told myself the moment i decided that enough is enough.


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