Delectable Dee

I am frustrated at how different women are from men.

Why couldn't you remember details?
Why are you emotionally repressed?
Why are dates not important?
Why are you insensitive?

I cannot talk to you just yet. I have forgiven you but I must keep away for a while. For all our many differences, this one, possibly is the greatest - I am as sensitive as your are not. You've broken my heart far too many times and far too damn carelessly.

No, this is not unfair. I need to deprive you of myself so you'll somehow realize how bleak life is without love. I know you shall miss me but perhaps, this time, you will truly see how much I mean to you.

This a necessary evil.

How do you expect us to see past tomorrow? I though you knew how friendship works.

*picture taken from Gawahon Eco Park, Victorias City.

Even with your thorns, I still appreciate you and I have not forgotten how you were like when you blossomed.

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