Delectable Dee

Dear Friend,

I sometimes think I'm dumb and I know I still don't understand a lot of things. I don't pretend to play Dr. Phil either on emotional dramas my feeble compassion couldn't wrap itself around on. I also know I'm not good with words when I feel lost and unsure. Perhaps, at times I may seem rude or uncaring when I suddenly fall silent. I wouldn't know what to say, perhaps overwhelmed and confused.

And just like before, I am again stuck in this crack. I have never been able to understand how a friend can stop being happy for another and rather cultivate hate and sow seeds of doubt. Why would anybody do that?

I am aware that I am one of those "easy-to-please" people. I don't think I am complicated when it comes to people reading how I feel. Forgive me for my lack of sophistication but even when I am swimming in my pool of misery, I could not remember me stopping from being happy for my friends, and much more wish them to be unhappy as I am.

I cannot drop my life for you and push everyone away and be miserable too, just to show you how much I feel for you. I am sorry that he was an ass and I am sorry you wasted 2 years waiting for him. I am sorry that I don't know the right words to comfort you more than what I've already said and offered.

Now, it has become more obvious and clear that you were never happy for me. When I was with Mr. Moon, you were contradictory and thought I was too young to know any better. You were "relieved" when things ended and you were mean all throughout my grieving period. Now that I am with someone who truly loves me, you sneer and tell me I'm too young to be somebody's "penguin."

You were selfish of your own happiness and only remembered me when you need to whine. I had thought you to be beautiful. I thought your sense of "reality" was too seasoned for naive little me to ever understand.

Well, I am not sorry for being happy. I am not sorry for loving and most definitely for being loved.

For what's it worth, I still think you are truly beautiful , if you only allow yourself to be.

And for all my apologies, I am most sorry that you have converted to assholism.


7/14/2008 07:36:05 pm

can i? could i ? copy this, wrap it in silk and tie a heavy block of stone at the end.
I just know someone who really needs a good boink in the head. hehehe.

true friends don't pull you down dee. One doesn't need to drown himself to save another. If you are at peace with where you are right now, and with who you are with... people who truly care for you will see that.

Assholism... lavet!

7/17/2008 02:05:52 pm

we really have to choose our friends. get rid of toxic people. i thought before that everyone i meet is worth keeping but was wrong. there are really "so-called" friends... sad to say :(

he/she is still lucky that you are sorry for her :D hehe

7/20/2008 05:51:01 am

HAHAHA!!! assholism, copyright ni nato.

avoid vexations to the spirit dee, you're too beautiful and happy!

7/21/2008 03:36:43 pm

with someone whose heart is as pure and honest as yours, it is not a wonder why you put so much faith in friendships. don't be afraid to love and be a friend just because somebody proved to be unworthy Dee. it is always their loss. and a friendship that is extended in good fate will never be put in vain.

then again, may she rot inside. (hahaha, assholism galore!)


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