Delectable Dee

Possibly, the most important right we all are trying to preserve and fight for is the right of choices. Basically, everything comes down to it. We define ourselves by the decisions we choose. Our sense of making choices is like the rudder to our boats. It directly affects our destination and disposition.

We all have somehow, in our own minds labeled ourselves to be this and/or that. We pick out certain characteristics we want to develop into ourselves as a way of getting our own identities and our personalities. We have our desires influencing them and if we're keen, we also develop this safety net where we gauge or check ourselves every now and then. We curb our impulses and we double think decisions we are about to make and we know that often does us the greater good.

Think before you leap. We all know that, right? Well, we all have possibly heard that saying once too many but practicing it is totally another different thing.

Going back to choices, it defines our character and who we are. Perhaps, one of the most trying time in a person's life is to be in between two things most precious to him/her and be made to choose between the both.

I believe that there is enough love for all. I, however, cannot be asked to choose between my love for my GOD and for the person I intend to spend my lifetime with.  I love my God and in a heartbeat, I pick my God over everything and anything.

My God comes first in my life and is the only thing that matters. It would be very wrong if I'd be asked to compare my adoration for my God to my adoration for other things because then, nothing just compares.
Before I am a daughter, a sister, a friend and a lover, I am first and foremost a servant of the Master, a redeemed sinner by a graceful Saviour, an adopted child of the Father and an Ambassador for Christ.

I am not saying that I am perfectly all these things. It is only by grace that I can hope and pray to be all these. However, I consciously strive to be more like Christ everyday and reflect the Son.

It's something that he MUST understand in me. I acknowledge that my life's sole purpose is to bring glory to God's name and I couldn't compromise that. That however doesn't mean that I don't love him nor that I don't love him the best way I could.

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