Delectable Dee

I have been made conscious today of some near possible changes that might happen and I am currently upset about it. I've been reassured that things wouldn't change but isn't that just the biggest deception of all?  I'm not saying I was intentionally deceived but rather, I think that's the lie we love to feed ourselves with.

Things aren't going to change.
We are inseparable.
Pretty much that we're forever, isn't it?

I know we all wish with all of ourselves that all the good things wouldn't end. However, we also know that the only certain thing in life is change (that and death and taxes). So things will eventually change. Just like how they did back then.

I'm just blessed enough to have been given a chance to have you in my life and have known something real and priceless. Maybe I haven't said it but I hope you do know how much you mean to me. Thank you for letting me see myself in your eyes and what I saw was someone truly loved and precious. I hope you know that you're one of those things that just makes life for me beautiful.

I'm afraid to lose you to change.  I hope I never do. I pray change will be kind to us just like how it was before we got to this. If heaven will continue to smile upon us, we will find ourselves changing for the better and for a more blissful amity and understanding.

I have spoiled myself to getting used to be your number one and perhaps, part of it is your fault, too. I am loving being on the top because it's never lonely there with you. But eventually, I know you will find her, the one you were meant to have as your prize and I will have no say in the matter. I will be replaced and I'll be broken but I will be happy because I know you will be happy with her.

She will have every right to claim you from me and I will have no stake on you because  you will be her's and  you will pledge yourself to her. I will lose you and you will  find yourself and that is the tragedy of us.

Perhaps, it is indeed true. Girls and boys can never really be friends. At least not forever. It's times like these I truly abhor growing up.

I am selfish and I don't want to share you. I indulge myself too much in you and with you. Would you hold it against me to want to cling on to something that makes me feel good about myself? I'm shameless and selfish. I am proud to have found someone so easily but that takes a lifetime to some people.

I'm compelled to ask if you know that I love you but knowing you for the fool that you are, I know just what exactly you're going to say.


I love you. Fool.

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