Delectable Dee

Red Flag
I used to hate it when I was younger. I remember wishing every time I'd get it that it would just stop forever. And then I got my wish and was so much of a fool I was delirious. No more stains and bathroom breaks to change napkins. This went on for over a year. Then I started worrying. And there had been times when it'd come back and I'd be relieved then be gone again for 3-6 months and I'd worry again. Went to a doctor and I was told it was because of my weight. Wow.  But I was really stupid to not care when I was younger until such time the issue of a possible marriage and the natural kicks that went along with it, the longing to see my own offspring. I panicked...I can't not have any children. I must!  I hated it when my Mom would nag me about my weight so every time she'd ask me about my periods, I'd lie and say I haven't had any problems. But I could never fool myself into believing that I didn't have problems. If not to myself and my Mom, at least I owe it to my future partner. That's when I finally decided I'm done fooling myself. I got the red flag today and I've never been happier about it since i-don't-know-when! Wheee!!!!

I am a sucker for mails, be it emails or snail mails. Got one today and it wasn't the usual ones I get from companies sending me bills to pay and bank statements telling me how much money I don't have. Har har. There is something gloriously magical and enchanting about hand written letters. It's like someone mailed you a piece of her/himself to you. *giggles*

It's finally so nice to grow up and know that the weighing scale is NOT an enemy. That I don't have to cower or ignore and pretend I didn't see or worse, know what one is. Now, I actually get excited when I see one, too eager to see how much I've lost over the past few days or so.


Weight loss
I went to the doctor today and had a check-up and underwent a series of physical exams and I'm very pleased to see that I actually lost  31 lbs! Now, the weight loss has become something more than just a blur of speculations. Yay!!! I went 2 sizes smaller. I'm down to size out 12! I have my eyes on you!

The gift of life
I was waiting for my food and I was sitting alone trying to get lost inside my thoughts. But the place was bursting with people and everybody was busy talking and laughing. But I didn't find the noise intrusive but rather, at that moment, sounded like a mosaic of different voices - a harmony. The music of life.

Blooming flowers
I went out early today to look at the plants and was greeted by three dainty and beautiful white roses. They were so pretty, I just had to take a picture of them. Everyday, God sends us blessings to grace our lives with beauty and we just have to know where to look. Sometimes, we complain even before we open our eyes.


I have made a decision that I'll be posting 3BTs everyday (if possible). I believe that it'll make me appreciate life more as an undeserved gift from God, helping me cultivate a thankful heart. And should times come where storms blow and try to knock down and trample on my spirit, I'll have a list of daily things to remind me how blessed my life has always been and giving up or losing hope and faith is never an option.


Glorious mornings
To wake up fully rested and happy with the gentle lull of serenity covering you, making you smile a quiet smile. To know that you're free from the shackles of yesterday's pain, frustrations and sins. To know that forgiveness was received and grace has been renewed with blessings abundant and free.  To love and be loved again.

Bonsai Trees
Growing bonsai trees aren't easy to say the least. One must have the patience to wait for decades of years and the dedication and perseverance to go on. Unlike with most plants, the result with bonsai trees can take decades of training. I think bonsai trees are one of the priceless things in life a person can cultivate. You cannot put a price tag on time. It almost takes as much love and commitment as rearing your own children. I am happy I started young. I have learned to be patient, knowing that patience builds character and just as so, beautiful cracking trunks and hardy, twisted and even wind-swept branches.

Next to paper and pen, I believe the greatest invention of mankind would be cameras. Such an awe to capture naked realities and candid life at such an ease as pushing a button. I'm thinking that probably, centuries from now, future generations will call our epoch the era of photography. They will be able to tell I loved him and you and you and you and loved doing this and this and that by the photographs they'll uncover of the things and people I've taken.


Ian introduced me to 3BT (three beautiful things) when he invited me to join it's group over at facebook. As how I personally understand the goal, it is to acknowledge at least three things in our every day life that brings us pleasure, to enable us to appreciate life more.

I have been meaning to do this for quite some time now and finally, I'm dumping procrastination.

My Three Beautiful Things: Chapter One.

Rain - contrary to most people, I love the rain and have always found it comforting. Rain doesn't give me the gloomy feeling nor does it dampen my spirit. I relish in rain when I am hurt and I celebrate rain when I am jubilant. I have way too much happy memories with rain for me to ever feel down when it's raining.

Mosquito coils - to be more exact, Lavender Scented mosquito coils. I absolutely abhor mosquitoes. I hate them buzzing around me and I hate their stings. Lavender scented mosquito coils helps me relax and not have to be upset about them and the scent is gentle to the nose and smells rather nice. I consume about 20 coils a week. It's one of my "must haves".

Early morning talks - I have come to love early morning talks with my mom, on the breakfast table before she leaves for work. It's when she's at her best because of rest and sleep and no work clutters and stress hassles. It's when she smiles a lot and laughs easily, too.


It has been a very hot and humid week. It's also been a week since Andi's baptismal and meeting both The Amazing Siroy (somehow, those three words instantly pop up inside my head everytime I'd think about her) and The Lovely T (because indeed she is lovely!). I still remember how the laughter sounded. I still remember Ate Kaith's bubbly squeaks. I still giggle when I recall every talks and every smiles.