Delectable Dee
Let's consider honesty, shall we?

What kind of person struggles and fights hard the natural urges of forgiveness? It's not even pride that peddles this resistance.

It's not that I can't forgive you. I just don't want to.

I'm not even mad at you anymore. And I am currently in far too deep my appathy to really care if I remember or not.

I think I reserve the right to be as blunt and brutally honest as I really am in this little nook I've declared mine. I used to mince words on certain things because I know how easily people with your stalker ability can google me.

But what was I being careful of, anyway?

So let it be known that I am not kind nor am I sweet. I am selfish as I am zealously malicious. I do not lavish on these but the natural me is a mean and inconsiderate person. I hold grudges and I take oaths of pay-back seriously. I am, however, constantly struggling to be the person I believe I should be (and not who I am).

But should push turns to shove and things come to the point where choices have to be made, I will no doubt be selfish enough to pick myself over people. Well, most people, that is. There are literally just a handful of people I can live with and the glorious thing about that is the fact that that list includes myself. I can live with myself. I believe there are too few people who can honestly say that about themselves.

Can you?

Of the people I would instantly give my life for, without any doubt or second guesses, they are few and too far in between. Cloaked in adoration and biased prejudices, the elites of my selfish heart. The little budding reasons why sparks of miracles still happen within.

You know, you were actually getting there. Almost. And honestly? I honestly don't think you deserve it. Just as I think you do not deserve forgiveness.

But what the hell. It's not like you actually asked for it in the first place, eh?

I beg of you, do not test my patience.

I have willingly chosen to fall deaf and blind to everything I should have not, and have silenced the constant flow of my better judgment. I pray you realize that I will not subject myself again to such depravity. I will not be made into a thief of my own self just to cater to your selfishness and pride.

You are yet to witness the measure of my anger and you are yet to see the eye of my storm. If you continue with your foolishness, you will get to see the monster that you are, reflected by the mirror of myself.

Take forgiveness while it is still offered and do not be so hasty to slap the only face that smiles upon you. Second chances are a luxury even the deserving can barely have these days and listen to me when I tell you that you are not one of them.

You have burned your bridges for but a fraction of a mediocre smile and empty laughter. Can you not hear the resonance of the hallow promises? You are as stupid as you are young, throwing away a lifetime of adoration and loyalty to a few run-of-the-mill deceptions.

It has been an interesting encounter with you. For the little prick that you are, stay out of my way or I will not hesitate to destroy you and swallow you with my wrath.