Delectable Dee

I don't know how we got to where we are now but in a way, it is comforting to know that we still are. Together? No, not that. That doesn't exactly describe us. But time is fleeting and I dare not touch you, lest I couldn't brave through the loss of you. If I won't see you ever again, I wonder, would you still linger in my memories like you did? Like you still do? If I won't talk to you ever again, will your words still haunt me and what you chose to hide from me, just the same?

I am confounded by how much I know you and still, not know entirely the extent of your stubbornness. I hate how you know you can always push me around and still i'd come running to you in a heartbeat if you need me. You are hot and cold. Extremely unstable but I marvel at how you know I know you well. Not as well as I can trace your hopes and brokenness like the back of my hand but well enough. Enough that I know i'm the only person you could be comfortable with in your own skin. Enough to know that i'll love you no matter what. Enough to know that you'll always come back to me.

I know you tried. I can still see you fight the demons of the past. I think it's wrong, how you think you're not beautiful. I could not imagine my life not knowing something so utterly precious, someone so heartbreakingly beautiful.

You will always belong. You will always be loved.

*a broken windmill a block away from the office. Broken, but beautiful nonetheless.