Delectable Dee

My Love
there  are immortal moments of us
and daily I strive to outlive them

to render everything bleak
to swim in whispers of prayer
and sighs so tangible
as the dancing blades of the field
to soar in the arms of hope
and have dreams touch your face
tangling the wild abandon of your hair

let us find beauty
bask in the candid glory of everything bare
seek moments defined by faith
and know
everything is possible
and reason is blind
the truth lies here
in the small cluttered gap
between you and me
where breaths mingle with sighs
and shadows paint crimson hues
and whispers blow gilded secrets

you break me
and amaze me
letting me fall
and catching me
and swooning
and adored

and you
you are the melody that fiddles
the dance that sends embers
and consuming
burning me
and you
you love me
like blessed light gracing my darkness
finding beauty in my ashes

your story is
entwined with mine
shadow and the light
the saving grace
and the fallen


You ask me why I am melancholic.
It is because my Love,
paradise is not Paradise
without You.



There are celebrations that amazingly could not be defined by words. You are one of them, my Love. And together, we too, are one of them. I am constantly rendered speechless. Nothing too grand, an ebb and flow of candidness. A life of ordinary, a tale of two lovers, the entwined sighs of halves, broken yet, harmoniously laced together.

You are like my happy pill and I am constantly addicted to you.

I have noticed long ago that I tend to write better when I am sad or lonely. That when happy, I lose my sense in words. And before, I have mourned for my happiness because I hated to be robbed off of words but now, I don't care at all.

You must be the one great love of my life because for you, I'll gladly stop writing and be swallowed in the cocoon of our blissful little world.

I wasn't lying when I said I've never loved someone as much as I love you. I am a romantic person and a silly one at that, most of the times. When I loved in the past, I did love greatly. But be not overwhelmed by the shadows they cast for they are just that. They are now shadows because of you. Where once they engulfed me in the dark belly of their pain, you shone and came through, obliterating their judgment and fear.

And I love you.

I see you everyday in the corner of my eyes. I inhale the scent of you in the randomness of places and people. And when I do, I choke and I remember how lonely I am without you. I miss you.

When will I see you again?



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Nothing prepares us from death. When it strikes, all we could do is crumble and ask why. Too many questions left unanswered, too many regrets we wish we could justify. So many words we wish we said and all the same, we wish we hadn't spoken.

Have we all said we love you enough?

Your kindness, they will forever remain with you and the memory you've carved. The legacy of love will never be forgotten nor will your blessed heart be left to oblivion.

Already, the world is much bleaker.

It is a blessed assurance that someday, we will see each other again in the presence and the glory of our God but until we meet again, you shall be greatly missed!

Precious in the sight of the LORD is the death of his saints.
Psalms 116:15


They are beautiful.

My Love, they are. I can't help but sigh and marvel at them. They are such tragic beauties. Today, proud and ravishing like a peacock and I wish I can preserve them forever like they are. They more than just brightened my day. My heart swells with love and happiness. I feel so pretty and special.

Thank you.


There's been an alarming discovery of some sort made and announced earlier. The risky hint that might give way to the shedding of light to my true identity of being a secret ninja has been posted here. *goes shifty eyed*

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She didn't get her 2nd birthday
I stole it
instead of presents
wrapped in gold
with ribbons of moonbeams
and beaded stars
she got a lump
of bloody fists and hungry shrieks
- me.

she made me paper dolls
and agreed to make me her squirrel
she built me indestructible forts
made by fluffy pillows topped with marshmallows
she gave me her milk
she taught me to sing
she read to me Thumbelina
religiously so
that I memorized the story at the early age of 3
she gave me rains
from her lofty high chair
with pitcher in hands
(we didn't have shower)
she let me lick all the fillings of her oreos
she colored my nails with flower petals
she shared with me her birthday cakes

I was born on her 2nd birthday
and for the longest time
she though I was her present
she is my partner in crime
I believe God made our souls together
she is my soul mate
- she is my sister.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. 
~Marion C. Garretty~


Patience is a very trying word. So is forgiveness.

Tell me, how do you imagine patience must look like?

I've learned before that there are several kinds of patience. The patience I pray to develop is the kind of patience God bestows upon us. I think patience and forgiveness come hand in hand. Forgiveness is the thread that holds patience together.

I see patience as this net or cloth that breaks our fall. When we lose our foothold, when we slip, when we err and fall down from grace, patience, strengthened by forgiveness breaks our fall.

For what is patience without forgiveness? I don't think one could exist without the other. So, if one imagines patience to be this long, brittled and stretched rubber band that's about to snap, then I guess the heart was hurt too severely that forgiveness is currently unavailable, hence patience is numbered.

I am forever grateful that love cannot be depleted. And that love is strong enough when it is good and pure. I cannot imagine where we all would be if not for love.

Having said that, I am happy to have finally come to terms with some unfinished business from the past. I have lost a friend and for that, I am sad. Sad is an understatement, even. But I am at a loss for words and perhaps, it is better that way.

I don't want to say good-bye. Good-bye is so final. I still secretly hope that we'd both once again see things in the same light and we can agree and laugh and exchange I Love Yous.

This dance has finally ended but perhaps, the song will play again someday. It would be nice to remember things at their best. When I was your muse and you were a friend in its truest sense and more.

I accidentally broke the stone-carved jewelry holder.