Delectable Dee

Several days of site unavailability, pure bliss, eh? It's been absolute fun. Oops! What was that? Oh, bummer. I think the sarcasm meter just broke.

I have been watching the movie
French Kiss. Yes, "been watching" because it has been a continuous act. Over and over and over again. I will probably watch it again later tonight before going to bed. It is such a lovely movie. I love the innocence, the heart warming devotion and amorous humor. The setting is just divine and the soundtrack is bewitching. I have completely fallen in love with the two main characters. Kevin Kline is very charming and has a voice that could send a love-fool silly girl like me to utter blissful thrill. It's very intoxicating, really.

Inspired by the movie, I have started day dreaming yet, again.

Close your eyes and imagine this.

Imagine yourself in a quaint countryside in France, in one of those old vineyard that has been passed from one family generation to another. It doesn't have to be too big (the vineyard). In fact, you don't have to own it. You could just be living close to one. Probably, working as one of the hired help would be great. You spend cozy afternoons sitting on a reclined chair, watching the sun set, probably sipping a glass of sweet wine or reading a good book with a basket of fresh fruits beside you. You have the song La Mer (yes, the French version, with the voice of Kevin Kline) playing softly on the background, coating the air with its sweetness.
Everyday is constantly sunny and warm, yet nothing too hot.

The reclining chair could be under a shady tree...with its coolness blanketing the area where its wide canopy of branches and leaves filter the sun. Everything is alive and well, pulsating with life. The dirt is rich and dark, but nothing too arid and dry that it creates dust. Just pleasantly thick and probably, still holding a faint memory of the dawn's mists.

There would be flowers everywhere. Nothing too commercially landscaped. Perhaps, a burst of random colors here and there. A patch of forget-me-nots and some fragile roses, along with an array of lovely sunflowers and a field of poppies, red and blue. A dirt road lined with old stones, alternating with button-like wild flowers and fat, thick moss.

Lovely, isn't it?


I know beyond a doubt,
My heart will lead me there soon
We'll meet, I know we'll meet

Beyond the shore

We'll kiss just as before

Happy we'll be, beyond the sea

And never again I'll go sailin'...