Delectable Dee

I believe in paradise. I believe in justice. I believe in heaven and in peace, in soul mates and in hope. I believe in a guileless love and in an intimacy without malice. I believe in fleeting gilded happiness and in deathless childhood dreams. I believe in the magic a smile can spark and the fulfillment a touch can give. I believe in compassion and in kindness and in fervent prayers. I believe in a loving Father, a Holy counsel Spirit and a Saviour Son all in GOD, as one. I believe in dignity and honor, in grace and forgiveness, in mercy and goodwill. I believe in innocence, in fairness and in second chances. I believe in the healing a good cry and a rainy night can afford and as much as the intoxicating relief a sunny day galore can bestow. I believe in friendship and in hot delicious coffees, in shimmering sunsets and a stroll down the boulevard. I believe in impulsive drives to endless fields of dendritic burst and in childish gregarious laughs. I believe in the unfeigned chase of the constant crashing waves to the naive feat of outrunning the clouds. I believe in childhood and in memories, in storybook lines and in happily ever afters. I believe in goodness and in love. I believe in honesty and in virtue. I believe in miracles.

I believe in a lot of good things.That may make me seem gullible and silly. Childish and naive, the most. That may make me appear like I live in a "bubble world" where my candor stack up these bricks of beliefs as a wall to hide me from the harsh realities of life but at least I know what I want and what I believe in.

And I can say that at my worst, I still believed in all the things that gives one the reason to live.