Delectable Dee

Hah! What were you thinking, eh?

I'm such a dork and a late one at that! After everybody's done making their own custom brushes with so many versions of Photoshop, I, on the other hand am just starting to take my first steps...getting to know the name of tools and trying to familiarize their locations. So after about 2 days of reading tutorials and practicing on so many pictures, I finally was able to make one photograph I took last year and edited it to look vintage, like it was shot decades ago. And why am I so happy? Because I didn't use those pre-set easy programs people would use so freely using websites like Picnik. wheee!!!

So behold, from this:

to this:


I had Eva Longoria's hair.

I had Halle Berry's hair.

I had Jeniffer Aniston's hair.

I had Jeniffer Lopez's hair.

I had Nicole Ritchie's hair.

I had Rihanna's hair.


if I had JLo's hair, blue eyes and I'm wearing this kind of glasses. A totally different me. Actually, not me at all. Hahaha.

I can also get away with brown hair and green eyes. Haha.


this is the original me. And look! My body's actually facing sideways while my head is turned in front to look at the camera. Hah!

I'm actually very bored. My sister introduced me to last night and there's this feature where you can get a virtual "make-over". It's very amusing.

If you're bored like I am now or perhaps you are itching to get a new hairstyle, this is a good site to visit. At least now I know how I'd look like should I get those exactly same hairstyles. That and if I live in a salon (we all know how our hair all look perfect after we've stepped out of the salon but come the next day, we feel as if our hair's been stolen by a jealous hairstyle Grinch...but that's a whole new topic in itself).

Here's what you should do if you're interested.
   *go to
   *scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on Beauty and style
   *on the left side margin of the page, under category Hot Stuff, click on the link that says Get a free make-over online and you're good to go. (Note: you need to register as a member [for free] to be able to upload your own photo.)



I have heard and read several times ago that we humans love "because" while God loves "in spite of". Now, it would be too purely hypocritical for us to say that we don't love "because". We always love because.

I am not saying that there is something wrong with that. The key words there aren't "because" or "in spite of" anyway but rather, love. I just think that we're wired like that. We love because.

I have always thought that humans are naturally greedy. Some of us with sense and decency will fight the urge to want more and to have more all our life. We try to be selfless and to give and appreciate the simple things in life. If it's not in simplicity, then perhaps we can settle in moderation. But we try not to be too greedy.

But when we're all alone and lost in our thoughts, who's to deny that we do crave and covet for things (that may not actually make sense to other people) that appeal to us and to our senses? But for all the things we all selfishly hunger for, the most noble of them is love.

I think, love is the only thing we selfishly desire but that in sincerity makes us selfless in return.

And since I am human and most carnally so, I love you because you love me. I love you because in spite of all my flaws and scars, you still choose to love me. Because you saw me when I was just a blur to the rest of the world. Because when you embraced me, you also embraced my sins and didn't flinch away. Because I see myself beautiful in your eyes. Because you made me believe that I am broken yet beautifully and perfectly so. Because you are real. Because your love rains on my dry and parched up soul. Because you make me laugh and have never made me cry. Because I know I am the world to you. Because I know you'll give up everything for me. Because robbed of everything and anything, I know you'd still love me and lovingly so.


Ethan Stiefel.

Ethan who, you ask?

Ethan Stiefel. Center stage. Handsome guy who danced like beauty sprouts from his toes. Dark blonde hair. Prince-y look. Eye candy. Delicious dancer. Heart breaker. Handsome. Disarming smile. Heart melting eyes. The only male [ballet] dancer to ever give my eyes orgasmic bliss just by looking at him twirl around in tip toes. Handsome. The only male [ballet] dancer to prance around in tights to make me gasp ohhhh instead of shriek "faggot". Handsome. Have I mentioned handsome already? oh, yes. Handsome.

Although he's a bit of a jerk in the movie, I still loved him! First time I ever saw him, I turned to my sister and said, "He looks like he was born a prince." He's just got this prince-y look about him. Everytime I imagine princes in fairy tales, his kind of looks always pop up in mind.

Ohh, isn't he just dreamy? I can't stop but sigh over and over again. He's just too divine looking.  Below is another picture of him with two of the main characters in the move Center Stage. He's the one with the blonde hair.

Look at his charming boyish smiles!!! I know I once said that I'm marrying Batman but as of this moment, I am deeply contemplating about having Ethan as another option. I mean, sure..Batman is exciting but he still hasn't gotten back to me yet and seriously, the electricity bill is increasing and I don't know if until how long I could wait for him. The neighbors have also started giving me this odd look when I go out in the morning to turn off the "batman distress signal." What, you've no idea what I'm talking about? Sheesh. Here, for your easy convenience.

There. That's what I was talking about. But yeah, let's not get carried away here. Back to my handsome dancer. (you notice how I've just started to call him mine? hahah) I am enclosing a video of one of my favorite scenes from the movie. Enjoy! But don't enjoy it too much, lest you'll develop an admiration for him, too. I have way too many competitors already. Please don't add to the many obstacles I have yet to hurdle.


I tend to shy away from anything personal while brewing something erm, should we say delectably naughty? But mind you, I have come to love that devious site despite it's being relatively fresh.

It shows my rather fondness in the art of nudity and everything crimson and eyebrow raising glamor. In short, ki-at! hahaha

So from the kick-ass links Ate Kaith posted yesterday, I found myself here and will be stalking her site, soon enough. So, Cheers! :D

Your Personality is Very Rare (INFP)
Your personality type is dreamy, romantic, elegant, and expressive.

Only about 5% of all people have your personality, including 6% of all women and 4% of all men
You are Introverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Perceiving.

She didn't get her 2nd birthday
I stole it
instead of presents
wrapped in gold
with ribbons of moonbeams
and beaded stars
she got a lump
of bloody fists and hungry shrieks
- me.

she made me paper dolls
and agreed to make me her squirrel
she built me indestructible forts
made by fluffy pillows topped with marshmallows
she gave me her milk
she taught me to sing
she read to me Thumbelina
religiously so
that I memorized the story at the early age of 3
she gave me rains
from her lofty high chair
with pitcher in hands
(we didn't have shower)
she let me lick all the fillings of her oreos
she colored my nails with flower petals
she shared with me her birthday cakes

I was born on her 2nd birthday
and for the longest time
she though I was her present
she is my partner in crime
I believe God made our souls together
she is my soul mate
- she is my sister.

A sister is a little bit of childhood that can never be lost. 
~Marion C. Garretty~


I don't care if he loves to jump on top of buildings wearing a pointed mask and a black cape. The fact that he wears eyeliners around his eyes under the mask is of no importance. He is most definitely not emo. It's perfectly fine, I'll even share eyeliners with him. *giggles*

I'd flinch everytime I'd see and nurse his wounds for him but I'll never ask him to give up his calling. I'd spend half if not all night on my knees praying for his safely.  I'd be ready with breakfast on my lap ready for him to eat everyday when he comes home and I'd lovingly massage him until he's relaxed and floats to sleep.

But what must I do for him to notice me? I'm but a poor nobody. Sure, I'm gorgeous and sexy but that's also debatable (damnit!). Perhaps, I'll make my own call signal? "Help! Beautiful dreamer in her and she'll reward you with kisses stringed with poetry all throughout your life!"

Ah, Dark Knight! Come hither...your true love is calling out for you. *giggles*


Plurk is down. They're getting "new shoes" according to their error page. Very original, too. Hooomans. cute is that?


I fumbled through my cellphone for the 6th time since getting inside the cab because I wanted to make sure that I had the right address for the church. I have been invited by Ate Kaith to be a godmother to precious Andi. There was a slight mix-up about the church's name and address and I was too excited I kept on pestering the cab driver about the correct address. He was so close to throwing me off the cab - I could tell because he was beet red already. Perhaps, the only reason he didn't because let's face it, he'd have more chance throwing a horse to the sea than actually kicking me off the cab. Not to mention that I still haven't paid him yet.

It's been almost a year since I last saw Ate Kaith and more than two years (I think) since I last had a decent face-to-face conversation with her. We used to finish each other's sentences back then (especially kung manaway mi ug people hahaha) so you could imagine how excited I was. Not only that, we have this after-cebu-a-long-way-to-go bond between us and you can't easily beat that.

I also had this mixed feeling of excitement and apprehension because I know Ate Aileen's going to be there as well. She's one person I have come to look up to since I found her site and I had these "what if she'll find me annoying" questions. What if she'll find me obnoxious and deranged?

When I got out from the cab, I looked around and saw another cab stopping behind my cab. I waited and saw Ate Aileen come out and got the "OMG OMG OMG" feeling rushing inside me. I went over to her and asked, "Ate Aileen?" She beamed and asked "Dee?" She's beautiful as I imagined her to be. She's full of warmth and happiness I didn't feel a moment of apprehension the entire day. She is a very lovely woman.

Surprise! Surprise! I saw Ate Therese wiggling her way out of the cab. I didn't know she'd be there as well! Imagine that! I have yet to see a picture of her that does her justice. She's very pretty. Her eyes are very expressive and they dance when she laughs. She's also got this very soft voice. I imagine her son must feel like being wrapped in soothing velvet everytime she'd lovingly talk to him.

Ate kaith, as always, a breath of fresh air. Generous laughs and witty quips, a familiar gregarious soul. I met her husband Ppip for the first time and now I know that Raf-raf took after him (ky Ate kaith ra siguro ang ka bugoy).

I had a wonderful time and I wish the day was longer. My jaw and cheeks ached from too much laugher but I woudln't have it any other way. I had the loveliest day spent with the loveliest people. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun than this.

I am constantly amazed by the blessings technology allows us to have. Who would have thought, eh?

I am tired and wanting to rest but my head is still swimming with today's wonderful experience. I can't seem to stop giggling as well. And wee-wee!

All's well that ends well.  Life is good!


Just got back from my Iloilo trip and I am so exhausted. The heat is staggering - a consistent 35 degrees Celsius for the past four days. I loved it there. If it wasn't for the heat, I would have stayed longer and toured around the city more, perhaps ride around the province on local jeepneys and see the scenery the native's way.

I shall be coming back soon, though. I plan to pass by Iloilo next month, on my way to Guimaras. I've already asked around and have found a rather decent and affordable place to stay in for five days. My sister and her boyfriend are planning on tagging along but I don't really care if they join me or not. I welcome the company should they indeed join me and I still welcome the solace should I travel alone. Perhaps, Watz would be interested?

Pictures will come up soon. First, I must rest. However, this one house I must post first. Look at it's antique colonial charm! Such beauty, such grandeur!

*the picture's already been edited. There are vandals on the rusted gate and they ruin the charm and  grace of the house so I just have to erase the [blue  paint] vandal. Aside from that, no retouch was made.


When I look outside the house, I can see leaves  everywhere. Not on trees, no; but on the ground. Yellow, orange and bronzed leaves scattered in a glorious mosaic of nature. Oh, lovely, I thought to myself.

I love summer, I do. Truly, I do. But if I had been born anywhere else where there are four seasons instead of (then) two (now, seemingly one...hah!), I think I would have loved autumn, most.

You must understand this adoration. Summer is like my reality, whereas Autumn is this lovely dream I nurse to fuel me my silly hopes and spectral reveries. Summer is my life but I need to breathe Autumn. Do you understand now? Perhaps, if you're a silly dreamer such as I, you will.

There is something utterly mystical I find in fallen leaves. So glorious in their golden array yet tragic in such a way that they've got to fall to the ground to give beauty to otherwise,monotonous grass and lackluster dirt/pavement.

Oh, such tragic beauties.

If it was up to me, I'd let them be. All strewn about in their candid grace, bequeathing me of my little gilded paradise. Heartbreakingly beautiful, remarkably real.

Any other day, I'd be pissed off at my neighbors who own the tree that always loses all its leaves during this time of year. Year, after year, after year the tree faithfully sheds off its leaves.

I haven't noticed before, I don't know why. Blind and foolish, such wasted times.

Oh, but GOD is wonderful to have opened my eyes to such magnificence. In a corner of the world where it's impossibly foolish to expect autumn to occur, I have been given an exquisite gift.

My very own Autumn.

*Taken earlier today in our yard.