Delectable Dee

I love it when we can talk in flowing conversations, when I get what you mean and you know the language of my ideas. When your concepts and impressions are intertwined with mine and talking to you is like whispering a familiar breath to myself. It's very comforting and in my own silly way, I feel secure and at ease.

It's when times like these that I feel that our hearts beat at the same time. It's times like these that I feel that even though we're at odds, we are not so different after all. It's times like these that I feel that we're not so far apart.
It's times like these when I end up wide awake for hours after the world's quiet and at peace, and then I play the incident over and over again, seemingly afraid that sleep might rob me off these beautiful memories and come daylight, I wouldn't be able to recall a single precious detail.

How often can one find that someone who's steps perfectly matched her own in the dance of life? How often can one find that sublime pair of hands to impeccably fit your empty grasp?  All these make me  wanna sing  along to one of Cole Porter's magnificent  compositions.

Isn't it why birds do it, bees do it, even educated fleas do it. Let's do it, let's fall in love...