Delectable Dee

When I look outside the house, I can see leaves  everywhere. Not on trees, no; but on the ground. Yellow, orange and bronzed leaves scattered in a glorious mosaic of nature. Oh, lovely, I thought to myself.

I love summer, I do. Truly, I do. But if I had been born anywhere else where there are four seasons instead of (then) two (now, seemingly one...hah!), I think I would have loved autumn, most.

You must understand this adoration. Summer is like my reality, whereas Autumn is this lovely dream I nurse to fuel me my silly hopes and spectral reveries. Summer is my life but I need to breathe Autumn. Do you understand now? Perhaps, if you're a silly dreamer such as I, you will.

There is something utterly mystical I find in fallen leaves. So glorious in their golden array yet tragic in such a way that they've got to fall to the ground to give beauty to otherwise,monotonous grass and lackluster dirt/pavement.

Oh, such tragic beauties.

If it was up to me, I'd let them be. All strewn about in their candid grace, bequeathing me of my little gilded paradise. Heartbreakingly beautiful, remarkably real.

Any other day, I'd be pissed off at my neighbors who own the tree that always loses all its leaves during this time of year. Year, after year, after year the tree faithfully sheds off its leaves.

I haven't noticed before, I don't know why. Blind and foolish, such wasted times.

Oh, but GOD is wonderful to have opened my eyes to such magnificence. In a corner of the world where it's impossibly foolish to expect autumn to occur, I have been given an exquisite gift.

My very own Autumn.

*Taken earlier today in our yard.

7/25/2008 02:33:07 am

your writing is soooooooo dreamy. full of folded passion and dreams blown by kids in ricefields <3


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