Delectable Dee



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Although what we had can never be found in the tainted pages of time and decades from now, the reality will be defined from the other side of the spectrum, nonetheless, that doesn't rob my memories of you of their brilliance and splendor. 

That time, long ago, when the horizons of your dreams were joined at the seams with mine.  

Forever was supposed to last longer than it did. 


 Forgetting is wearisome when all I ever do 

is remember you. 

I may not be a myriad of many awesome things but one thing I know 
and I'm damn sure about:

I am fiercely loyal to those  I've  decided to love and care.

Now that we've settled that, I hope it is also then apparent that who I love and care about are none of your business. 

Second chances will always be something I feel I'll never deserve and yet hope to always get. I love who I love and it really shouldn't upset you who and why. If I could help who to love, then I wouldn't be loving the lot of you now, would I?

Betrayal is and will always be a big issue for me but who am I to trample on forgiveness when I feel so strongly for it? You betrayed me once, too, remember? So how come we're friends still now? I forgive but I rarely ever forget.

So I find it highly offensive that you feel you own the right to be disappointed at me for being friends with someone you have personal issues with. 

I am my own person.

Don't you forget that.


You should try grace, for a change.
It does the soul lots of good.