Delectable Dee
Ah, and so I'm back to rant about my seemingly favorite topic. LOVE.

Cheesy, ain't it? Haha

Actually, no. I'm just here for a quick rant. The love boat is gliding along perfectly fine, thank you very much. 

I have once, long ago, considered make-up to be a vice, something I just love to do but not really a need. And along with that also belong cellphones, computers, internet and lotions. (it's my list so shut up) But now, in this time and age, all these things have become more than just mere accessories to us. They (computers and gadgets, not lotion) have become the pillars of this age's commercial empire. And where does make-up come in with that? Nowhere. Hahaha

I actually truly love make-up. But it's also become a part of me, of how I function as a person. I'm not saying I couldn't live without it, but that doesn't mean that it's already a vise. I Need it. (For you little girlies out there who've just hit puberty and are still waiting for your boobs to drop off from high heavens...this isn't you.) I need make-up to help me project the inner me. I mean, come on! Haven't any of you, at one point or another wished that your faces were canvases and that you have all the time and element in hand to paint yourselves a new face? If you can honestly say you've never had that urge at least a fraction of a second once in your life, then you're as dead boring as a rock. In fact, my pet rock is more interesting than you.

And here again lie our extreme differences.

Read my lips: I WORK. 

I don't just sit around all day watch TV and complain that my butt's getting big or that my tummy's bulge when I sit is higher than that of my boobs. Stupid girl! I'm not buying that "I'm proud of my natural self" crap from you, either. As dense and ignorant girl as you, you're proud of everything in your life....even the ones that you shouldn't be.  If you're so proud of your natural self, then why do you hold in your tummy in vain attempts to make your bloated midsection seem smaller every time your picture is taken? Not everybody is as stupid as you are.

My point is, I am appalled at your guts to tell me that my make-up is my useless vice. I don't remember ever having any self-indulgent vice for over three lifetimes now. Unlike you who loves to spend your parents' hard earned money partying from one bar to another and then manage to get yourself knocked up by some ignoramus jerk, us working people need to look presentable and decent while trying to claw our way through the corporate world. So shut your stupid mouth and go find something worthwhile to do aside from efficiently converting oxygen into carbon dioxide.