Delectable Dee
surely you've heard them
reverberating in a stubborn resonance of thuds
heartbeat after heartbeat after heartbeat
echoing in faithful consistency of breaths
calling out to you
again and again and again

surely you've felt them
caressing you in a touch of a gentle prayer
stroking you in the intensity of a whispered sigh
intimate and personal
yours alone to behold
shy and quiet
a trace of a sercret ardor

surely you've seen them
those blushing hints of a fool
the face behind the words
hiding under a moonlit shawl
the dancing worshiping smiles
swaying in utter dependency to your chanced glances

surely you've smelt them
the stiffled scent of an innocent dream
the fervent aroma of a stolen need
the intoxicating fragrance of confusion's ebb and flow
teasing in an abandoned wild decadency

surely you've tasted them
in mouthfuls, you must have
those clumsy childish charms
religiously been thrown at your feet
in dishevelled rainbow of candid flavors
the ardent offering of choice-forgotten hopes
of a jester dancing in a trance of dreams

~djf (07/03/06)