Delectable Dee
So, it's been what? Quite a while, huh? I feel like time's passed me by in a manner of a whiplash that's late for work. Has it been two months already? And even before that, when was the last time I wrote something substantial here?

Anyways, updates people?

Well, for one...I'm still writing. That is good, yeah? And I'm being paid for it. Even better, don't you think? Tee-hee. Well, I'm officially back in the work force, or so they say. I've been busy, really busy. And I've gotten sick as well. But also, I've been paid! Whee! haha. And I've helped people...although I did annoy some but eh, all in a day's work, ain't it?

I've gained back what seemingly little weight I've lost. >_< demmit! But i've got a new phone. And a new number. ^_^ I'm still not nearly half done updating and loading my contact list but I'll get there..eventually. Soon...hopefully, not that soon.

I've made new friends...found some new annoyance to whine and gripe about. Nothing but balance in the great scheme of things, eh? I've learned of people dying, causing millions of people to grieve but there are celebrations in life, like the pregnancies of people I know, and miss terribly.  Ah, but the circle of life! Celebrations!!!

And although I don't know of personal friends seperating or calling off their relationships, I have  however, had friends who had gotten married and have gotten engaged.

Hrrmm...what else?

I have prunned off people whom I think are but roadblocks to happiness...and that they're not really acting like friends at all, to begin with. But enough about them. I have tasty words in store for them but those words won't be served today and for two good reasons, at least.

First, would be that revenge, or something like that (at least I'd like to think so, anyway) is always best served cold. This is the shallow and careless impulsive response made by the hot headed and proud me.

Second, is that through the years (not that I've lived long enough to boast so many revering life experiences), I have learned that it is always best to step back, count to ten and take a big, deep breath of air before doing something vital as cutting of relationships.  And I've read somewhere this chinese proverb which, says "Never do anything at the height of your emotion."

I'd like to think that someday, things will change again, as they faithfully and always do, and I will perhaps, find myself friends with them again. And that everything now is just a misunderstanding and that I was just overreacting. Everybody deserves a second chance, right? I know I've had more than my fair share of second and third and even up to the nth chances and heaven knows I always find ways to mess things up but I've always been met with grace.

Ah, blessed grace.


So, what have you been up to?