Delectable Dee

I fumbled through my cellphone for the 6th time since getting inside the cab because I wanted to make sure that I had the right address for the church. I have been invited by Ate Kaith to be a godmother to precious Andi. There was a slight mix-up about the church's name and address and I was too excited I kept on pestering the cab driver about the correct address. He was so close to throwing me off the cab - I could tell because he was beet red already. Perhaps, the only reason he didn't because let's face it, he'd have more chance throwing a horse to the sea than actually kicking me off the cab. Not to mention that I still haven't paid him yet.

It's been almost a year since I last saw Ate Kaith and more than two years (I think) since I last had a decent face-to-face conversation with her. We used to finish each other's sentences back then (especially kung manaway mi ug people hahaha) so you could imagine how excited I was. Not only that, we have this after-cebu-a-long-way-to-go bond between us and you can't easily beat that.

I also had this mixed feeling of excitement and apprehension because I know Ate Aileen's going to be there as well. She's one person I have come to look up to since I found her site and I had these "what if she'll find me annoying" questions. What if she'll find me obnoxious and deranged?

When I got out from the cab, I looked around and saw another cab stopping behind my cab. I waited and saw Ate Aileen come out and got the "OMG OMG OMG" feeling rushing inside me. I went over to her and asked, "Ate Aileen?" She beamed and asked "Dee?" She's beautiful as I imagined her to be. She's full of warmth and happiness I didn't feel a moment of apprehension the entire day. She is a very lovely woman.

Surprise! Surprise! I saw Ate Therese wiggling her way out of the cab. I didn't know she'd be there as well! Imagine that! I have yet to see a picture of her that does her justice. She's very pretty. Her eyes are very expressive and they dance when she laughs. She's also got this very soft voice. I imagine her son must feel like being wrapped in soothing velvet everytime she'd lovingly talk to him.

Ate kaith, as always, a breath of fresh air. Generous laughs and witty quips, a familiar gregarious soul. I met her husband Ppip for the first time and now I know that Raf-raf took after him (ky Ate kaith ra siguro ang ka bugoy).

I had a wonderful time and I wish the day was longer. My jaw and cheeks ached from too much laugher but I woudln't have it any other way. I had the loveliest day spent with the loveliest people. I can't remember the last time I had so much fun than this.

I am constantly amazed by the blessings technology allows us to have. Who would have thought, eh?

I am tired and wanting to rest but my head is still swimming with today's wonderful experience. I can't seem to stop giggling as well. And wee-wee!

All's well that ends well.  Life is good!


I stumbled on an interesting plurk (yes, I use plurk you can add me if you have an account there, too! Add Dee The Llama Queen) by a friend earlier and it's somehow piqued my interest.

The question was about smoking ban and if it's fair. Needless to say, the author of the plurk thread is a smoker and to quote her, "I smoke occasionally, stress and all, but smoking in a bar is like having sex in a brothel, it what its there for..." Naturally, she got called names for that remark.

People think that banning of smoking is a violation to their personal rights but oftentimes, people always forget that their rights end where other people's rights begin. Of course it's not so easy to draw lines in air but I believe that common sense and respect/consideration for others should be enough of a guideline to know the limits.

I've always found comments like, "what you should be concerned about is improving the overall air quality" or "you get worse air driving on the freeway or mowing your lawn" to be really ignorant. The inconsiderate smokers just use that out-of-the-line excuse to justify what they want. Non-smokers should have every right to a cigarette smoke-free air irregardless of the claim that we now live in a very polluted world. If that should be how the reasoning should go, then would it be perfectly alright then for me to pee in your drinking water since we technically don't have un-polluted water?

I respect the rights of people who smoke but I also expect smokers to respect my right to clean air. Why should my lungs suffer because you made a stupid choice to kill yourself slowly? If you wanted that smoke so bad, why blow out the smoke and not just inhale everything in?

Another thing with restaurants charging a 10% fee for those who prefer to dine inside "non-smoking areas", why should the natural, free-air breathing people pay extra so the smokers can pollute the air for free? Shouldn't that be that other way around?

People are stupid. Remind me again why I should have faith in humanity?