Delectable Dee

i lose track of time
confusing today
for tomorrow
or that
time has stopped for me
or just
it forgot to pass me by

it can be bliss
the mind taking control
throwing away the key
burying what the heart
will not

but i
i have you safe
tucked away
indescribably so
all over me
like an eternal sunshine
you are
in a place
try as they may
they just cannot get
in to

I have hidden you well
under glorious blankets
of cornflower blue
stitched securely
by the iridescent prism
of the faithful horizon
ever there

and my love,
so are you

San Rafael, Ilo-ilo
Summer `09


I feel as though all my creative juices have all been sucked out from me while doing a Counseling job at the Camp. Those kids could really be quite a handful. I'm expected to handle more again next week! Yikes!

So yeah, updates updates.

I don't get women and I am a woman. Really. And I feel anxious about it, in a way I suppose.  Guys are allowed not to "get" women because they are from Mars and us women are from Venus.  But what is my excuse? Maybe I'm really just from goody ol' Earth.

I know I have my issues (who doesn't?!) but really...I feel like her issues are far more ahh, do you call that?  Crazier than mine? Hah. I know she'd be more upset with me if she finds out that her childishness and unreasonable outburst didn't faze me at all.  Tee - hee. I've no qualms with her or whatsoever and I'd still be here, waiting for her to calm down and be a friend again.  I have way too many things on my plate right now to be bothered by her immaturity and to think that she's almost a decade older than I am.

"I'll talk to you again when I'm not so displeased with you anymore."

Uh, sure. Haha.

Vexations, vexations. Oh, how you love to poke me.


On a lighter and much grander side of things, I'm still bathing in bliss. I know that love goes hand in hand with pain but on those blessed days, it doesn't really have to hurt. Not if you can help it.

Oh, imagine the colors we'd paint together.

Taken while perched on top of a moving truck on our way back to GEBS after going to a waterfall for a quick dip. Summer `09.
San Rafael, Ilo-ilo, Philippines

How's the world been treating you lately?


I know I haven't written anything here for the past weeks and believe me, I have so many valid reasons for it. But this just in:

I think it's terrible when a lover cannot quite tell when the other needs support and sensitivity. Fucking hate it. It's terrible to have to beg for the scathingly zing of the obvious either.