Delectable Dee
I have sufficed myself into hearing my own thoughts echo back at me. I don't remember much anymore and I don't want to. Still, there lingers the scars of battles lost and the imprints of pain although they are as vivid as the elusive smoke the gentle breeze so easily disperses away.

I find it humbling to see the things that used to be the core of every heart-wrenching unanswered prayers become the very foundations of every thing that finally now makes sense. I have waited so long for things to finally fall into their proper and respective places. Somehow, I now understand.

Whatever it was that held you so far up the gilded pedestal is now lost to seas unknown of memories and lost dreams alike. The rose-stained glasses that caged me to blind adoration has shattered and I am seeing life anew. Now, I realize that you're nothing ethereal but just a mere name I once knew and remembered I loved.

Gone and forgotten are the knowledge and the emotions that once rendered you justifiably perfect. And what's left is just a boy. I remember the struggle of desperately wanting to be where I am now. There's no need to fight now. Blessed gift of time, I have forgotten.

To the prince who turned into a pumpkin, this ode carries with it the last remembrance of you.

I am completely and truly free.