Delectable Dee

I had a brush with a mad man yesterday. Okay, so maybe he wasn't really mad at all. He didn't have any foam in his mouth nor was he rabid like a dog. He was American and he was sly. He scared me, too.

I have had several unpleasant experiences with American guys who are here as tourist before. I have had two who stalked me when I was in college and it was scary. I had to report them both to the police. I had another stalker who loved to text and call me at ungodly hours. He'd just breathe  heavily on the other side of the line not saying anything. Other times, he'd send me text messages saying he loved what I wore that day or that he thought I was very pretty today. I was living alone in a huge apartment that time, the house having 6 rooms. My mom got so worried that she had to send my dad to stay and baby sit me for an entire semester.

I have quite forgotten the feeling of alarm now when yesterday's episode happened. The terror and panic came rushing back in and until now, I feel unsettled even when I am now constantly surrounded by my family.

I bumped into my high school classmate's dad who is a Missionary/Pastor and we chatted for a bit. Then we said our goodbyes and went on our different ways. He went to pay some bills and I went inside the grocery store to buy stuffs.

Fifteen minutes later, we bumped into each other again inside the supermarket and he said my "white" friend asked him for my number. "Who?" I asked. He said a tall white guy approached him after we parted earlier and asked him for my mobile number, saying that we're friends and that he lost the number I gave him. Since my friend's Dad didn't have my number (good thing, too and I don't think he'd really give it to a stranger), he told the guy sorry and that he should go. He described the guy to me and I said I don't know anybody who fits that description. Not to mention that he's a white guy. So we both just laughed it off and said goodbye again.

About fifteen minutes after that second encounter, we bumped into each other again outside the grocery section. He was on his way to meet up with his wife and I was retrieving a couple of Acacia seedlings as bonsai materials, headed for home. We stopped and chatted again for a bit, laughing and sending our well wishes to our families when he stopped and said, "Look! There, that guy with the white shirt, that's him!" He probably saw the confusion on my face because he said, "Be careful, okay?" I thanked him and told him not to worry that it might just be a confusion. We parted ways again.

Walking slowly to the South back door of the mall to wait for the cab I called to pick me up, I heard footsteps, like someone's running behind me. I looked back and true enough, I saw the same guy my friend's dad pointed to me just a while back. He was grinning and he actually looked very friendly and it was obvious he was looking at me. I shifted my weight from one foot to another, getting a bit anxious and when he reached my side. I thought it was just a mix-up so I didn't freak out although I can feel an alarming feeling slowly creeping up inside me. Instincts, maybe?

He reached out his hand to me and said hi. He introduced himself, saying his name was Ryan Whats-his-name and that he was wondering if he could have my number and maybe call me up and we can go out and have some drinks or dinner together. I politely declined and said goodbye, trying hard to hold my composure. After about a few seconds, I half ran my way to a corner where the guards usually linger, trying my best not to look like a fool.

Maybe I over-reacted? I don't know. I did however strongly feel that I should be wary with him. Why was he so sly? Why did he talked to my friend's dad pretending to be my friend just so he could have my number? If he wanted it so bad, couldn't he just approach me and ask me? The fact that he tried deception alarmed me and I suddenly remembered the feeling of annoyance and helplessness and fear when I had those stalkers before. It isn't a petty thing, as well. Might sound like I'm over-reacting to some but if you have been through what I have, then you would take this seriously.

Similar thing happened with the other white guy before. First time I saw him was he was sitting on a table across from mine and we were having lunch. I felt like someone was staring at me (you can feel those things, in your gut, you can) and when I looked up, I saw him staring at me. When our eyes met, he smiled. I thought he was just being friendly so I just half-smiled and nod and continued eating, ignoring him. Moments later, he passed and stopped by my table and said, "You are very guapa" then walked away. I never thought more about it when the next day, I went back to the same place to eat lunch (I was a regular there) when people there told me that the guy came back and started asking for my name. That was disturbing. That afternoon, I saw him riding his mountain bike in front of my apartment and he smiled at me and called out, "Hey guapa!" He kept on doing that everyday for hours after that. He'd stop beside me when I'd wait for a cab and just look at me with this smile on his face. One time, I asked him what he wanted from me and he said nothing. He always call me guapa. I told him to stop following me and riding around my apartment and he said he can't. That's when I had to call the police. I had to move out and find a new apartment, too.

This bit's always perplexed me. I am in no way beautiful. I mean, seriously. And hello...I am FAT! Fat and plain. What is wrong with them? Why do I attract weirdos? My friend once joked to me about them, saying they were my "groupie". I have a bunch of white weirdos for a groupie.

Okay, I'm done ranting now.

2/2/2009 07:15:29 pm

hi dee!!! im not surprised, you're gorgeous=) *honest* i saw loads of photos from you, and hey, beautiful face, and you carry yourself with so much grace and vavavoom=) gotta stp now before you think im like Ryan whats-his-name=)

2/3/2009 05:29:37 am

that is scary. but you are beautiful, dee!

take extra care. =)

2/4/2009 04:20:04 pm

that is scary! when did this happen, senior year in college??
please be careful because hey, yes, you are fat but you are very pretty. it might be good to tag along somebody everytime you'd go out. it's a little inconvenient but it would be safer. :)

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