Delectable Dee

Last Saturday, while us geeks (brother the cow and I) were busy obsessing over the new DVD I bought, mom took her merry uninhibited free time on a downloading rampage and that somehow missed our attention come the next day until Tuesday. Tuesday morning, I saw about five new game icons on the desktop and I knew that she's tried downloading games again. We always tell her to give us the names of the games she wants to play so we can download it for her from safe sites we know but I guess she forgot. Tuesday evening, my brother complained that the games folder is locked...only one reason for that: a worm. So yeah..the PC underwent reformatting and thank God I have stored all my files into a different partition. I do learn from painful experiences after all. Hah!

Good Doctors
I think I may have found the Doctor God wanted me to find (after years and years of jumping from one clinic to another). The previous one was really mean and insensitive, I wanted to slap her. This new one is really nice and warm and not condescending. She knows how to be kind -  something most doctors (or people for that matter) have somehow forgotten to be.

Saw some of my old friends from high school and to say that we had fun would be an understatement.

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