Delectable Dee

Glorious mornings
To wake up fully rested and happy with the gentle lull of serenity covering you, making you smile a quiet smile. To know that you're free from the shackles of yesterday's pain, frustrations and sins. To know that forgiveness was received and grace has been renewed with blessings abundant and free.  To love and be loved again.

Bonsai Trees
Growing bonsai trees aren't easy to say the least. One must have the patience to wait for decades of years and the dedication and perseverance to go on. Unlike with most plants, the result with bonsai trees can take decades of training. I think bonsai trees are one of the priceless things in life a person can cultivate. You cannot put a price tag on time. It almost takes as much love and commitment as rearing your own children. I am happy I started young. I have learned to be patient, knowing that patience builds character and just as so, beautiful cracking trunks and hardy, twisted and even wind-swept branches.

Next to paper and pen, I believe the greatest invention of mankind would be cameras. Such an awe to capture naked realities and candid life at such an ease as pushing a button. I'm thinking that probably, centuries from now, future generations will call our epoch the era of photography. They will be able to tell I loved him and you and you and you and loved doing this and this and that by the photographs they'll uncover of the things and people I've taken.

11/30/2008 01:43:31 am

oh, you love bonsais! and you actually make them! *bowing in homage*

they are indeed beautiful! i'm fascinated by them. my paternal grandparents used to cultivate them, but stopped when they got too old. and oh, CBB's family do it, too. =)

12/21/2008 07:15:45 pm

Congradulations dee, looking good. keep focused. !


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