Delectable Dee

Red Flag
I used to hate it when I was younger. I remember wishing every time I'd get it that it would just stop forever. And then I got my wish and was so much of a fool I was delirious. No more stains and bathroom breaks to change napkins. This went on for over a year. Then I started worrying. And there had been times when it'd come back and I'd be relieved then be gone again for 3-6 months and I'd worry again. Went to a doctor and I was told it was because of my weight. Wow.  But I was really stupid to not care when I was younger until such time the issue of a possible marriage and the natural kicks that went along with it, the longing to see my own offspring. I panicked...I can't not have any children. I must!  I hated it when my Mom would nag me about my weight so every time she'd ask me about my periods, I'd lie and say I haven't had any problems. But I could never fool myself into believing that I didn't have problems. If not to myself and my Mom, at least I owe it to my future partner. That's when I finally decided I'm done fooling myself. I got the red flag today and I've never been happier about it since i-don't-know-when! Wheee!!!!

I am a sucker for mails, be it emails or snail mails. Got one today and it wasn't the usual ones I get from companies sending me bills to pay and bank statements telling me how much money I don't have. Har har. There is something gloriously magical and enchanting about hand written letters. It's like someone mailed you a piece of her/himself to you. *giggles*

It's finally so nice to grow up and know that the weighing scale is NOT an enemy. That I don't have to cower or ignore and pretend I didn't see or worse, know what one is. Now, I actually get excited when I see one, too eager to see how much I've lost over the past few days or so.

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