Delectable Dee

And the list goes on...

..and on and on....and on.

-buy a car using my own hard-earned money
-get a diploma from a scuba diving school
-kiss in the rain
-stop swearing
-lose 50 lbs.
-get a drivers license
-learn how to dance
-go to an apple orchard and pick a bucket full of apples
-bake a cake
-get married
-have kids
-go on a missions trip
-publish a book of poetry
-take photography lessons
-hold a baby panda
-be a blessing
-paint a house
-watch a sunset while holding hands with a lover
-exercise my right to vote
-create a t-shirt design
-make my own dress
-make love in paris (tee-hee)
-adopt a child
-have humility
-have patience
-be faithful
-learn how to give a proper body massage
-say I Love You as often as I can



Mon, 07 Jul 2008 18:58:54

I love your list!!


Tue, 12 Aug 2008 03:11:24

i have been telling myself to make a list like this one but until i haven't made one. :) anyway, i can say that you are a lover of life too just looking at this list and do you know which one i like most? watch the sunset while holding hands with a lover... makes me want to giggle out of kilig! :)


Fri, 15 Aug 2008 02:55:22

yan, i am telling you. you.cannot.stop.swearing. i just know. hahaha. but you are definitely a blessing. that's more than enough compensation for not being able to be an innocent mouth, ever. hahaha.


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